• Design and Manufacturing Technologies of Mould and Processes
    Design and Manufacturing Technologies of Mould and Processes

    The company's mold factory has a professional R&D and manufacturing team for intelligent equipment and mold, a wealth of intelligent production equipment, and the ability to design and manufacture various types of  intelligent fixtures and toolings like 2K tooling, in-mould assembly (IMA) tooling,  IML tooling, optical guide tooling, gas-assisted tooling (grab handle), high gloss tooling (Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding), etc.

    · High-speed milling mirror processing technology

    · Manufacturing process specification design

    · R&D technology of fully automatic/semi-automatic intelligent production equipment

    · R&D technology of fully automatic terminal testing equipment (cockpit functional parts/lighting parts)

  • Injection molding Process
    Injection molding Process
    Injection molding Process
    Injection molding Process
    Injection molding Process

    The company has more than 30 years experience in injection molding, masters a variety of special injection molding technique covering  multiple automotive products series like cockpit functional parts, automotive electrical parts, lightings, etc. The use of concentrated feed, automatic manipulator pick-up and measuring, magnetic board quick die change process and other kinds of domestic and foreign advanced injection molding production equipment and procedures, to ensure the high quality production of injection molding parts.

    · Dual-gas-asssisted injection molding technique

    · Multi-color injection molding technique

    · In-mold assembly injection technique

    · High-gloss injection molding technique

    · Light guide strip injection molding technique

    · IML in-mold injection molding technique

  • Manufacturing Technique of Electronic Products
    Manufacturing Technique of Electronic Products

    The company has international first-class, domestic leading  production technique of lamp parts, with independent development design and manufacturing, integrating the electronics, optics, mechanics to produce a delicate high-quality product.

    · LED and metal circuit board riveting technology

    · Ultrasonic welding technology

    · Laser cutting and bending technology

    · SMT

    · Touch technology

    · Automotive lighting control module calibration technology

  • Surface Finishing Technique
    Surface Finishing Technique
    Surface Finishing Technique
    Surface Finishing Technique
    Surface Finishing Technique
    Surface Finishing Technique
    Surface Finishing Technique

    For cockpit functional parts, surface finishing is the key process to determine the appearance of the product. After years of development, the company has a variety of customer-recognized finishing technologies, providing more appearance possibilities for the interior cockpit.

    · Painting technique (achieving 3C3B)

    · Pad printing technique

    · High-gloss multi-color silk screen printing technique

    · Hot stamping technique

    · Vacuum coating

  • Assembly Production Technique
    Assembly Production Technique

    The company's intelligent assembly workshops have realized lean, automatic and intelligent production. Through process error prevention, terminal automatic detection and signal feedback combined with software and hardware, real-time monitoring of production data and quality data can be realized to ensure the product and production quality.

    · Advanced production scheduling technology

    · High precision hot riveting technology

    · Assembly and inspection integration technology

  • Intelligent Warehousing and Logistics
    Intelligent Warehousing and Logistics

    The company's intelligent warehousing and logistics system includes stereoscopic pallet warehouse, circulating box warehouse, AGV, transportation and lift equipment and information system.  It realizes the intelligent instant distribution and transfer of all materials among injection molding workshop, multi-layer assembly workshop and central distribution center, and achieves the deep integration of material flow, production flow and information flow.  Building the information system supporting "intelligent warehousing and production logistics control", seamlessly connecting with the existing ERP system, integrating the product life cycle information data, the company realizes the quality traceability of the whole process, and comprehensively improves the core competitiveness.